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Rusty Weathered Corrugated Metal


Superbly detailed corrugated aluminium metal panels with a realistic rusty appearance.


Metal product with a painted rust finish.  NOT ACTUAL RUST!


1.2mm corrugations


Available in bulk quantities

Suitable for OO and HO gauge


Manufactured in the UK by Goodwood Scenics Ltd


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This product is 0.1mm thick aluminium metal panels which have corrugations spaced 1.2mm apart with a 0.75mm high trough and dip.  The rusty weathered appearance is a robust painted finish.

This product may contain sharp edges as it is a thin metal product so the appropiate care should be taken when handling this product.  This is not a toy.

This product is manufactured by Goodwood Scenics Ltd in the UK.

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Technical Specification


0.1mm thick corrugated aluminium metal.  The rust appearance is a painted and textured finish.  This product is not actually rusty.  The corrugations are spaced 1.2mm apart.  Suitable for various gauges but this product is most suited for OO and HO gauges.



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