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Fine 1mm Gravel with Track photo.jpg
Coarse 3mm gravel with track photo
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Coarse 3mm Gravel Blanket Cover Photo

Goodwood Scenics 1mm Grey Rail Ballast


This is our most popular ballast.  1mm size granules make this highly realistic to OO and HO gauge scales.  Perfect for track ballast as it settles easily around the track sleepers and looks excellent.


Light grey colour


1mm size granules approx


Available in bulk quantities


Manufactured in the UK by Goodwood Scenics Ltd





Rail ballast is the mainstay product of any rail layout.  Our 1mm ballast is superbly detailed and coloured to match your many railroad uses for it.  Ideal for track ballast, easy to lay and perfect to scale.  It can also be used for wagon ballast and scenery.  


We know that to build any rail layout you need a lot of ballast and so we supply different bag weghts with a reduced bulk prices making our rail gravel great value, saving you a fortune.


Each weight is supplied in resealable bags making our item easy to store and pour.


This product is manufactured by Goodwood Scenics Ltd in the UK.


Technical Specification


1mm size granules approx.  Suitable for all gauges but most suited for OO, HO and N gauge.




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