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skylight in asbestos roof blanket photo

Corrugated Roof Skylights


Translucent corrugated plastic skylights which fit our corrugated metal building roofs.


Plastic product 0.2mm thick.


1.2mm corrugations


Available in bulk quantities

Suitable for OO and HO gauge


Manufactured in the UK by Goodwood Scenics Ltd





This product is 0.2mm thick plastic panels which have corrugations spaced 1.2mm apart with a 0.75mm high trough and dip.  Due to the different products, the plastic skylight doesn't always fit the metal corrugations perfectly.

These skylights are translucent, not clear plastic.  Represents a skylight realistically but it does not enable you to see clearly inside the building.

This product is manufactured by Goodwood Scenics Ltd in the UK.

Technical Specification


0.2mm thick corrugated translucent plastic.  The corrugations are spaced 1.2mm apart.  Suitable for various gauges but this product is most suited for OO and HO gauges.




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