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Timber Bark Logs


Model wooden logs with bark and sawn ends.

The diameter of the logs ranges from 3 to 10mm.  The logs are available in 3 lengths, 40, 64 and 128mm.  Perfect fit for the Hornby and Bachmann OTA timber wagons.

Real wood, not resin models.  A lot more realistic and easier to place around your layout.  


Designed and manufactured in the UK by Goodwood Scenics Ltd


Timber Log Wagons with Bark Scene (11).j
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Wooden model logs with a real bark finish and sawn ends.  Individual pieces makes it easy for you to create any place around your layout.  Create any size log pile you wish to. 


This product is designed and manufactured by Goodwood Scenics Ltd in the UK.

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Technical Specification


Diameters range from 3-10mm.  Sawn ends appearnace.  This is not a toy.  Ages 14+.  



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