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Concrete Slot Walling


Realistic model concrete slot walling with girder profiles.  Very simple but effective product.  Build your retaining walls, bunkers, yards, barn walls and much more!    

Suitable for OO and HO gauge.


Designed and manufactured in the UK by Goodwood Scenics Ltd.




A simple but effective product imitating modern concrete slot walling and bunkers.  Card strips

A set of 16 plastic girder posts painted and weathered with 4 pieces of 1mm grey card cut 40mm high by 210mm long.  1 x HSS 3mm drill bit included so you can add to your scene straight away.


The girder posts are strong plastic sections 2.4mm by 2.4mm by 48mm tall (height may vary by 1mm).  These have been painted and weathered.


The 1mm thick card strips are 40mm high (10 feet high in OO gauge 1:76 scale)  by 210mm long.  Cards are not painted but have a realistic concrete appearance.  Robust 1mm thick card. 


Instructions for use:  Measure your site and drill holes 48mm apart using the 3mm drill bit.  Drill 5mm deep and insert the girder posts.  Then cut the card strips to suit the gap between the posts and slot into the position.    


This product is manufactured by Goodwood Scenics Ltd in the UK.


Technical Specification


Girder posts are 48mm high by 2.4mm wide.  The card strips are 1mm thick by 210mm long and 40mm high.  3mm HSS drill bit included with the large pack.




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