1mm fine graded and coloured red stone ballast for imitating iron ore.  The perfect red/orange shade.  

Re-sealable bags making it easy to store and pour.

Suitable for any scale but ideal for OO, HO and O gauge.

Ideal for layouts, highly realistic

Manufactured by Goodwood Scenics in the UK



250 grams pack fills 4 Bachmann iron ore tippler wagons

1kg pack fills 16 Bachmann iron ore tippler wagons

2kg pack fills 32 Bachmann iron ore tippler wagons

5kg pack fills 80 Bachmann iron ore tippler wagons

10kg pack fills 160 Bachmann iron ore tippler wagons.  Get a consistent colour in bulk quantity for your whole layout.


PLEASE NOTE:  This is a natural stone product and the shade may darken or lighten when you apply watered down PVA glue.  Please buy a sample pack to test with or test a small part of your pack to make sure your happy with the end result.  

1mm Iron Ore Ballast