Loose Scrap Fill (Fine grade)

Wooden coloured scraps to represent the base product of your scrap piles.  A cheap way to build up the main bulk of your scrap loads and piles which you can then decorate with our scrap girders and other additions.

Fine grade.  Pieces are between 1mm and 4mm.

Available in 4 pack sizes.  

Sample Pack - 20 grams

Small Pack - 100 grams - fills 4 Bachmann scrap wagons

Medium Pack - 200 grams - fills 8 Bachmann scrap wagons

Large Pack - 400 grams - fills 20 Bachmann scrap wagons

OO figure shown for scale purposes only - fills 4 Bachmann scrap wagons

Made in the UK by Goodwood Scenics Ltd

Loose Scrap Fill (Fine grade)

Pack Size